Cox Paving of Texas began as a General Contractor in the Asphalt Paving Industry in 1965.

The company’s objective at that time was to build a business reputation of excellence for producing the best possible roads. This industrious family business succeeded in achieving this goal and began to gather knowledge about the many facets of asphalt paving.

During the company’s initial years, the work performed encompassed all areas of road construction.

In 1984, the company focus changed from conventional asphalt paving into the much more specialized area of Hot Asphalt Rubber Paving. This process produces the best possible roads while helping to eliminate the problem presented by old tires in our landfills. Cox Paving of Texas has paved highways from the East to West Coast of the United States with Hot Asphalt Rubber

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In performing repairs and maintenance many modifications to better the equipment performance were discovered, and Cox Paving gained immeasurable knowledge of the machinery the work required.