Longer Lasting

Using an asphalt rubber binder in a pavement greatly increases the life of the pavement due to its superior resistance to cracking and wear. Many experiments have been performed and many projects have been studied over time. The result is always the same: asphalt rubber materials, when designed correctly, will last longer than conventional asphalt or any other asphalt modifiers on the market today.

Much of the deterioration of a road surface is the result of water and pressure building through cracks in the pavement. Due to the flexibility of rubber in asphalt, asphalt rubber surfaces resist cracking for much longer than other asphalt surfaces.

Testing has shown that a 1.5 inch asphalt rubber overlay will generally outperform a 3 inch overlay of regular asphalt by 3 to 1. This results in much lower maintenance costs over time, not to mention the aggregate and asphalt oil saved by only having to make the overlay half as thick.


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